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The California Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1-400 requires that we inform you that testimonials and/or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Atty Derpo, the whole family is so grateful for your help and for assisting us in my daughter's petition.  You've played an instrumental role in bringing our family together and making a huge change in my daughter's life.  Thanks and more power!  Perlinda and Family

I was represented by another attorney when I submitted an application to obtain permanent residency based on my extraordinary ability in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  When I received a request for additional information from USCIS regarding my green card application, I immediately hired Attorney Rhodora Derpo to help me submit my response.  I am happy with the service Attorney Derpo provided me because she was able to get my green card application approved and I am now a permanent resident!  I would highly recommend her firm to my friends and family!"  Abmar Barbosa, multiple-time IBJJF Pan-American Champion and multiple-time Brazilian National Champion

A well-informed client is a happy client.  From the beginning, Attorney Rhodora Derpo made sure that I was well-informed about the N-400 (citizenship) application process.  Prior to hiring Attorney Derpo, I hired a lawyer from a well-known law firm to submit my first citizenship application; my application was denied.  Due to the complexity of my case, I had a difficult time finding an immigration attorney who was willing to help me with my second application for citizenship.  However, when I contacted Immigrant Rights Advocate, I knew that Attorney Derpo would be different.  During our consultation, Attorney Derpo laid out a clear strategy to pursue my citizenship.  She spent months preparing, researching, and collecting supporting documents.  We submitted a lot of affidavits to address the issues in my case.  My case was approved and I am now an American citizen.  To note, my case was hard because there were 3 serious issues we needed to address whereas other cases only have one issue.

Attorney Rhodora Derpo is really an immigrant advocate. Her values, passion, and dedication changed my family's life. I will recommend Attorney Derpo to my friends and family because her desire to help is so much bigger. Again, thank you so much for everything and God bless!  Edgar L.

I am a survivor of domestic violence.  My husband, who petitioned me, became violently abusive once I arrived in the United States.  I sought Attorney Derpo's assistance to help me file a self petition to remove the conditions on my green card. Attorney Derpo is a good attorney with a kind heart. She helped me a lot to get my case approved. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend Immigrants Rights Advocate to my friends and family.  S.A.

I frequently recommend Rhodora to people in need of immigration legal services.  My family and I have consulted with her law firm on immigration matters and have retained her services to file immigration petitions since 2008.  Immigrant Rights Advocate serves its clients in a conscientious, diligent, and efficient manner.  I am confident to make referrals to this law firm as I have first hand experience in the high quality of the services her law firm provides.  Ursula
Rhodora is a kind and attentive lawyer.  About a year ago, she helped me with a small immigration problem and was able to resolve the issue within a few weeks.  I am a busy professional who works five days a week and on the weekends; after hiring Rhodora, I knew that I could leave my case in her capable hands.  Of course, she proved me right!  If you want an immigration attorney who will treat you with respect and who will bring you prompt results, hire Rhodora.  A.C.
I was extremely pleased with the outstanding professional consultation Rhodora Derpo provided me when asked about my cousin's case.  Rhodora had very quick, thoughtful, and intelligent responses. Her advice inspired both my cousin and me to keep fighting. Now my cousin's case is in court and she is suing her former employers on multiple counts including human trafficking and back wages. She has received national attention in the media and gained various supporters in different human and women's rights organizations. Without Rhodora, I wonder where her case would be today. Rhodora Derpo is truly an exceptional immigrant rights advocate!  Catherine-Mercedes Brillantes Judge
Rhodora is very accommodating and quite helpful to us at the local senior center.  An expert in her field, she continues to provide free seminars despite her busy days; she makes time to schedule her presentations and is really very helpful to the attendees.  We, at the Daly City Senior Center, are very fortunate to have her conduct seminars which will help so many immigrants in this country apply for naturalizationThanks for the opportunity to hear me and please try her services; she is very helpful.  She will give you her full attention.  Donna
Rhodora was extremely helpful to my organization when we took the complex steps to move from a for-profit organization to a nonprofit one.  Her in-depth knowledge of the incorporation process saved us countless hours.  My team was impressed by her professionalism and understanding of legal proceedings, as well as her individualized attention.  I have recommended her to family and friends.  Kelly Gleason, Founder, The Giving Farm, CA
I was involved in a contract dispute with a creditor, and I was really unsure of what my legal options were.  I consulted with Rhodora and, with her help, I was able to settle the dispute in my favor.  What I most appreciated about that experience was Rhodora's sound legal advice, and the fact that she was always accessible when I had questions or concerns.  If I had to leave a message, she would reply on the same day if not within the same hour.  It's the little things like this that matter to me.  Jimmy C., CA
I felt helpless when I received the third notice from the National Visa Center, which stated that my sister-in-law's application would expire shortly if no action was taken.  If this happened, we would have had to pay the filing fees all over again; we would also have had to wait longer for her application to process.  At this point, we didn't know the cause of the delay in her application.  However, this changed when we hired Immigrant Rights Advocate to assist us.  Rhodora Derpo was able to resolve the case within 3 months.  I greatly recommend her and her firm to my family and friends.  Paul